Reinstate Wrongully Terminated JetBlue Flight Attendant Mala Amarsingh sign now

July 2007

Mr. David Barger, CEO, President and Director
118-29 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Dear Mr. Barger:

We, the undersigned JetBlue flight attendants appeal to you for the
reinstatement of one of our fellow flight attendants, Mala Amarsingh who
was unjustly terminated on July 12, 2007.

The termination of Mala's employment is not only too harsh, but it sends
the wrong message to the rest of the flight attendants that JetBlue will
not stand by its employees in the face of adversity. In today's climate of
Air Rage and increased passenger assault on crew members, JetBlue's
draconian actions towards Mala are simply wrong. We view the termination as
a clear corporate response to her support of the AFA organizing campaign at
Jetblue - as it was a well-known fact that she supported the unionization
of our flight attendant group.

As you know, Mala's incident with a passenger occurred while she was
commuting from home and while she was off duty. Such incident was reported
by a Human Resources employee who later refused to make a statement. The
incident illustrates a continuing problem we (JetBlue flight attendants)
have been addressing for quite some time -- and have received little-to-no
support from our management. Just how far will Jetblue allow a passenger
to go in abusing a flight attendant? While Mala's response certainly may
not have been the desired or appropriate one, how many of us can say how we
would respond if a passenger spit in our face. Terminating her employment
was clearly retaliation for her support of the AFA (Association of Flight
Attendants) campaign.

If Jetblue believes her termination will have a 'chilling effect' on any
potential organizing effort among JetBlue flight attendants, we strongly
believe you have received some very bad advice. This corporate action is
already causing the opposite -- JetBlue flight attendants are outraged that
you have chosen to kick her to the curb, rather than support her.

It has long been JetBlue's policy that no employee shall be terminated
without going through the company's Progressive Guidance. However, after
Ms. Amarsingh's incident and upon her landing at JFK, she was immediately
"Suspended Pending Investigation." The JetBlue guidelines clearly state
that employees shall be subjected to three steps (Initial
Guidance, Continued Guidance and Final Guidance) and only after this, will
an employee be subject to termination. In this case, Ms. Amarsingh was
suspended and later terminated without an opportunity to defend herself.

It has been common knowledge that Ms. Amarsingh has been involved in the
AFA organizing campaign for quite sometime. This has been evidenced by her
openness to answer any questions by other flight attendants in the crew
lounge. Furthermore, Ms. Amarsingh, who has been with JetBlue for seven
years, has a clean record, has never had a customer complaint and is well
liked and respected by her peers. She is an excellent employee who sets
the standards of what a true JetBlue flight attendant should be.
Therefore, we believe the 'cited' reason she was terminated (alleged
'conduct') was merely a pretext to her involvement in the organizing

Once again, we ask you to overturn this harsh decision and offer Mala
Amarsingh her job back. If justice is not served, it will only prove that
Jetblue flight attendants must have union protection in order to achieve
'just cause' disciplinary protections against a management team that is
unwilling to protect its employees.

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