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President of India,
Prime Minister of India,
Ministry of Public Grievance,
Ministry of Higher Education,

My complaint is against NIIT and its so-called Professional Practice. NIITs regional head office is at

NIIT Limited
Corduroy Building,
Aditya Textile Compound,
Safed Pool, Andheri Kurla Road,
MUMBAI 400072.
I passed B.Sc. in first class in the year 1996. As there was computer revolution all over, I thought it better to learn basics of computer operations before trying for a job and accordingly approached NIIT at Malad (W), Bombay (India) for a six-months computer course. NIITs student counsellor persuaded me to go for GNIIT program, a 4 years course comprising of 4 semesters over a period of 2 to 3 years, plus PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE (PP) of one year, as it provided one year of guided work experience as a part of the course. Accordingly I joined NIIT in 1996 for GNIIT program (before joining I have cleared all the tests & interview conducted by NIIT)
As per the course details of NIITs GNIIT program the students would have the unique advantage of a revolutionary new concept from NIIT: - Professional Practice (PP) which guaranteed one-year of guided work experience as a part of the course. The total fee for the GNIIT program was RS* 56,000 which included RS. 14,000 for the PP.
Unfortunately, there was no PP as such. It was only a publicity stunt to attract the prospective students. When I successfully completed the semesters in 1999, I was in for a great shock. Instead of being sent to an organisation for the much publicised and much needed one year of guided work experience, NIIT started giving me placement assistance skipping the PP component of the course despite RS 14000 having been charged for the same. This was how NIIT was exploiting the innocent students and making quick money (RS 14000 per student) in the name of PP
It is very unfortunate that paying a hefty fee of RS 56000 and spending 2 to 2 years for completing the semesters with a dream of becoming a most sought after IT professional as promised by NIIT, no student would take the risk of getting victimised by NIIT (as I have been) by raising his/her voice against NIITs unfair practice. But, that does not mean the students had no complaint against NIIT. Ironically, NIIT expected the students to believe that the repeated interviews for which they were made to appear in the name of PP were the opportunities for the students for the PP. I am totally at a loss to understand as to why opportunity is needed for starting the PP when NIIT was obliged to provide it to the students being a part of the course particularly since RS 14000 have been charged for the same. Is this not tantamount to cheating?

In the process I lost one more year after completing the semesters and I decided to expose NIIT and its so-called revolutionary new concept PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE through the press media. My article PP is a stunt appeared in the Mumbai Newsline of Indian Express dated 18.01.2000. It had an immediate though not positive, response from NIIT, which took the opportunity to drop me from the PP in sheer retaliation. On 22/01/2000 my father was forced to sign an agreement to the effect that I would be given 5 opportunities (not PP) within one month (same stunt again) for availing the PP and if I failed to get through any one of them my PP would be downgraded. The opportunities that NIIT had given me was totally out of syllabus. However, NIIT had no explanation as to why opportunity was needed for availing the PP when PP was a part of the GNIIT course & I was already selected for the course through test & interviews. This is documentary evidence to their unfair practice. I was advised by NIIT vide a letter-dated 18/04/2000 that I was not eligible to seek professional practice from NIIT henceforth. Can anyone please explain to me as to what the placement (opportunity) has to do with PP? Why I was required to get selected again by an organisation for the PP when I had already been selected for the full course, which included the PP and the total fee of RS 56000 had been paid? What about the unique advantage of NIITs revolutionary new concept Professional Practice?
As advised earlier, in 1996 after passing B.Sc. with chemistry as main subject in first class when I approached NIIT at Malad (W), Mumbai for a six months course, NIITs student counsellor persuaded me to go for GNIIT program because of the unique advantage of gaining one year of guided work experience the PP guaranteed. Ironically, when I completed the semesters after 2 years I was denied the very advantage for which, I was persuaded to take GNIIT. But for this unique (which was not there in reality) I would not have taken GNIIT. Unfortunately, because of NIIT and its so-called PP my career as well as future was ruined. My parents hard earned RS 56000 have gone down the drain and my four precious years during which I should have settled in life with a decent job, have gone waste pursuing NIITs outdated course (which has no value without PP) and fighting for my right with NIIT thereafter. Had I taken six months course for which I approached NIIT in 1996 and tried for a job I would have got any decent job immediately thereby saving RS 56000 towards the course fee and in addition I would have earned at least RS 4,00,000 during the last seven years (1997-2004) taking a flat (average) salary of RS 6000 per month throughout. Thus, because of NIIT I have lost about RS 5,00,000 including the interest on RS 56000 for the last seven years.
Who is going to compensate for this? What about my future with my BSC degree having become 7 years old already and GNIIT being outdated and having no value without PP. To add to all this age bar problem is also cropping up now besides jobs being hard to get.

I, therefore, earnestly request you to please investigate the matter thoroughly and take stringent action against NIIT for their unfair trade practice and make them pay compensation to me for spoiling my career and future.
* 1US $ = Approx. 45.00 Ind. Rs.
* Many students are also complaining against NIIT in the below mentioned site

* I have already complained to Ministry of Public Grievance, Govt. of India & my ref no is. DARPG/E/2003/00841 But nothing has been heard from them so far.

* One NGO has even send the below notice to NIIT in April 2004 but NIIT has not even bothered to reply to their notice.

(Non Governmental Organisation Reg. No. SS/3047)
B-9/55, Vijay Nagari, P.O. Kasarvadavali, Thane (West) 400601 INDIA
Telephone: (022) 25862605, E-mail: [email protected]

Dated: 22-4-2004

The C. E. O
NIIT Limited
Corduroy Building
Aditya Textile Compound
Safed Pool, Andheri Kurla Road
MUMBAI 400072


Dear Sir,

We have received a complaint from your consumer, Mr. Umesh V. Kamath that states as follows:

1) The Consumer joined your GNIIT course that included one year Professional Practice as part of the program in addition to 3 year class studies.
2) You charged Rs. 56,000 for the full course from the Consumer.
3) You did not provide Professional Practice.
4) You are offering placement to the Consumer as data entry operator.
5) You are not replying to the explanations asked by the Consumer as to why his fee should not be refunded when you have broken the agreed terms.

Under such circumstances we request you to immediately refund the full fee amount to the Consumer with compensation of Rs. 1,00,000=00 for spoiling his career and wasting his valuable time. Due to your deficiency in services, the student has not been able to make a career and is still jobless.

We hereby give you 7 days to refund full fee with compensation to the Consumer, failing which we shall take further action against you.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Arun Saxena

* Below is the article against NIIT, which has recently appeared in Asian Age one of Indias leading newspaper on 07.09.2004 & even than govt. of India is not taking any action against this Co.

By Our Special Correspondent
Mumbai, Sept. 7: Indias leading IT education institute, NIIT, is reported to have been exploiting its students for years. A section of former NIIT students alleged that the institute promised better prospects with its Professional Practice or PP programme, under the four-year GNIIT course. PP, however, remained nothing more than a promise.
The GNIIT programme, a four-year course, comprises four semesters over a period of three years, along with PP, which provides a year of guided work experience, as a part of the course. However, in many cases, students from different parts of the country alleged that they were not provided PP and was told by NIIT that they could not avail of it because none of the empanelled companies were ready to accept them.
For Umesh Kamath from Mumbai, the PP remained an illusive "practice." Similarly, Paromita Chaudhuri, Ashwini Jhunjhunwala and June Sengupta from Kolkata, Madhavi R. and Prasun Chandera from Bangalore and C. Ramakrishnan from Chennai (names changed) also had similar allegations. They said that NIIT charges Rs 56,000 for the GNIIT course, which includes Rs 14,000 for the one-year PP programme. They added that although NIIT failed in providing with the promised PP, the institute continues to endorse the programme and extol the edge it provides to students.
Umesh said, "When I went to NIIT after graduating in 1996, I wanted to learn the basics of computer usage. The student counsellor persuaded me to take up GNIIT and said that since it includes PP, my chances of getting employed in the IT sector are higher. However, when I passed out in 1999, I got no PP."
Umesh added that after successfully completing all the four semesters in 1999, he was in for a great shock. "Instead of being sent to an organisation for the much-publicised PP, NIIT started giving me placement assistance, skipping the PP component," he said. He is presently working with a software firm in Chennai.
Meanwhile, NIIT has been advertising its benefits, facilities and how most of its GNIIT students have done well in the IT sector. Echoing Umeshs experiences, Paromita, Ashwini and June said that they three years of the main GNIIT course in 2001, following which they were sent for PP to different IT companies. "When we went we found that we were not be paid, a problem shared by many others from the later batches. We were told by the employing company that their contract with NIIT was to let us work. There was no clause for payment," June said.
Paromita said, "NIIT was exploiting us and making quick money under the guise of PP. If NIIT, for whatever reason, cannot provide PP, it should not offer such a course or at least should drop PP." A NIIT 2003 pass-out from Mumbai, said, "It is unfortunate that most students don not want to raise their voice because NIIT is an important training institute in the IT sector. Although no one wants to take the risk of being victimised, even during the course students complain against NIITs unfair practices."
Umesh said that NIIT expected the students to believe that the repeated interviews for which they were made to appear in the name of PP were the benefits of PP. "NIIT failed to make us understand why a student needed to get an opportunity to start PP, when it was a part of the course and was to be provided to all the students," he added.
Senior NIIT official, Sanjiv Kataria, admitted that they received Umeshs complaint. He also said that since NIIT failed in getting PP for Umesh, the institute has refunded the Rs 14,000. "We sent him a cheque with the amount but he returned it. Although we empathise with his situation, we cannot help him beyond a point. None of the companies he was sent to, accepted him," he added.
Umesh, however, said, "I did not want a refund but PP because it was promised to me. NIIT had forced my father to sign a contract, which stated that NIIT will give me five opportunities within one month for availing PP. When I failed, they refunded my money."

Mr. Kataria, however, refuted that NIIT had forced anybody to sign any contract. He said that despite PP being a part of the course, it was dependent on the discretion of the empanelled companies. "There are over 2,000 companies which employ NIIT students. PP has been receiving good response from students in the last three years and we are getting around 15,000 students annually due to the presence of PP. Such complaints are rare as many renowned software companies prefer NIIT students," he added.

Despite repeated reports in Internet from NIITs victims against NIITs so called revolutionary new concept Professional Practice (PP) a part of GNIIT program as proclaimed by NIIT but, unfortunately for the students just a non existing mirage, a deployment pioneered by NIIT to make quick & easy money by giving the students placement on completion of semesters in the name of PP, in connivance with NIITs so called empanelled co, NIIT is still carrying on with its PP unchallenged with great flourish.

Its is high time that the matter is brought to the notice of & investigated by the concerned govt. body & the GNIITs course withdrawn or atleast NIIT forced to drop the PP component thereby sparring the innocent students the undue charges being collected by NIIT for the so called PP.

Thanking you in anticipation of appropriate action in the matter,

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    Strict action should be taken against these institutions and our honourable President,PM and the govt of India as a whole should take personal interest in safeguarding the interest of the students Name anita City, Country, State Mumbai, Maharashrtra,India
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    You should have named the site "NIITSUCKS.COM" like one did it to Alitalia by naming his site of grievance"ALITALIASUCKS.COM", and the Italian court ruled in his favour.Check in google. Name Mohan Prabhu City, Country, State New Delhi E Mail address [ema
  • 25 April 201243. Avinash K
    This is really bad thing that is happening in India. All the students should give support to his fight. Name Avinash Konkani City, Country, State Dayton, Ohio, USA. E Mail address [email protected] /* */
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    An educational institution should have the morality and concern towards its students. The words as contained in the prospectus should be translated into deeds ensuing the future prospects of its students. Name P.Ramakrishnan City, Country, State Bangalore
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    fight against hypocratic institutions Name ajith City, Country, State bangalore india karnataka E Mail address [email protected] /* */
  • 22 December 200934. Girish S
    This looks very genuine and a proper investigation should be undertaken. I think Education is one of the few places where scam has not entered so far and it is essential it remains this way for a stronger future India. Name Girish Shenoy City, Country, St
  • 13 November 200933. Naveen Boone
    I hope the complainant gets compensated for his loss and other students are not taken advantage of in a similar fashion Name Naveen City, Country, State CA E Mail address [email protected] /* */
  • 27 June 200932. Sanaya Wolfe
    Niit on the top everything looks green but then they cheat the students of their money and don't give certificates if extra is paid then they don't know how to refund but if one rupee is not paid or in other words and i literally mean one rupee they ask f
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    NIIT is exploitation was true..... Name Tarun City, Country, State Bangalore, karnataka, india E Mail address [email protected] /* */
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    whatever is promised should have been delivered, else it would mean cheating and capitalising on Govt's inablity to provide jobs Name Ajit City, Country, State Mumbai E Mail address [email protected] /* */

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