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Please take the time to read over this petition to deny William Todd Middleton from prison on November 10, 2010. We all need to keep him where he belongs.

Please DO NOT grant a parole to convicted murderer, William Todd Middleton, SCDC#00175762. In the year of 1990, he burglarized someones home and stole a shotgun; he then spent hours premeditating the vicious crimes he had planned out, as he took the shotgun and sawed off the barrel of the gun because he knew that this would make the shotgun more powerful. He had plenty of time to think about the crimes that he was about to commit; however, he continued to carry out his plan with nothing more on his mind than to come and destroy as many people as he could. He entered the apartment and brutally murdered William Seymour as he was sleeping. He, then proceeded to the sliding glass door that led to the outside balcony, and had the shotgun aimed at me. Chris Painter, whom was also on the balcony, saw that Todd was about to shoot me and he pushed me to the side to get me away from Todds view, and Todd then shot Chris in the chest. Chris jumped over the balcony and then he tried to shoot me, but the bullet was jammed in the chamber. I ran past him somehow without him grabbing me, but after he reloaded the shotgun he began chasing me as I ran upstairs trying to get away from him. As we got to the top of the stairs, Scott Hutchinson and Vance McNabb approached Todd and began trying to wrestle the gun away from him, and at that moment Todd shot Scott in his arm and on his side. Todd then dropped the gun because he was out of bullets, and we later found out that he had flagged someone down on the interstate and had that person take him to where he had been working and he stole a vehicle and he was on the loose for a couple of days. He was captured in my home where he had broken a window that he crawled through, in hopes of finding me inside so he could kill me too. He had been violent with me on numerous occasions. I broke up with him because I could not take his abuse anymore. I was beaten up by him over and over again. He busted my lip, tried strangling me to death, attempted to push me out of his car as he was driving, he always had a pistol in his possession and told me that if I ever told my parents that he would kill us all. He had me scared to death. Finally, when I just could not take it anymore, and broke up with him, he made the statement to many that if he could not have me then no one would. No one deserved the hell that he put us all through that night. He not only chose to take the life of an innocent human being, but his vicious and cold actions left the Seymour family in complete despair and excruciating pain over the loss of their loved one. Since that night, their lives changed forever. The victim that he chose to murder did not even have a choice. He is dead forever, and his life can never be restored to his family and friends. Victims Chris and Scott are scarred forever. Each and everyone who was there on that terrible night will never forget what we went through and what we still feel to this day. Our lives were forever changed by this inmate who has never shown any remorse for what he did. He has never even apologized to any of us. He has threatened me over the years, by stating that he could hire a hit man to kill me. Therefore, convicted William Todd Middleton must never be allowed to return to kill again. He must accept the consequences. Due to the heinous nature and the brutality of these crimes he committed, justice demands that this murderer be denied parole.

Thank you for your consideration,

Michelle Miller Painter

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