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Remnant Saints International Patriot Alliance

Ratified by Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress
December 6, 2001

To facilitate the unification and efficient networking of the various patriot organizations throughout the world.  To streamline duplicate efforts, and identify and encourage the best talent in each.

Each individual and organization has a unique talent and purpose.  Through cooperation those talents and purposes can be best optimized.  United we stand.

International Patriot Alliance is not focused on allegiance to any given nation, but rather is based on devotion to the principles of freedom that are the birthright of all mankind.  Freedom has its foundation in truths found in virtually every field, from science and politics to economics to religion.  Likewise, the truths from these various fields combine to create the most pure manifestation of freedom, such as an appropriate balance of liberty and restraint, individuality and cooperation, justice and mercy.

We recognize that of the forms of government currently in operation in the world, the Constitution of the United States is a premier document so far as setting forth the basic ideal parameters of government in today's society, and that it would behoove the United States of America to return to those principles from which they have strayed.  We also recognize that the principles set forth in the Constitution would be beneficial in any government on earth, and that other nations would be benefited by moving toward those principles to the extent they do not currently embrace them.

At the same time, we realize that the United States Constitution is not the ultimate document in support of freedom in an ideal society.  It was a monumental turning point in the history of this planet, but will be superseded by an even more glorious document of freedom that our generation will produce which will be the basis for the kingdom of God on earth, protecting the God-given rights of all mankind in all nations of all religions.

We believe in sustaining the governments to which we are subjected to the extent that they uphold principles of freedom.  We hold it as our right and our duty to seek to do our part as citizens to steer our respective nations in the direction of freedom and away from tyranny.  We also believe that it is our right and our duty to use whatever peaceful means are at our disposal to promote these principles, but that if peaceful means are exhausted, then we have a right and a duty to defend freedom by reasonable force.

In the promoting of the ideal form of government as well as in defending against encroachments upon freedom, we realize that we can best accomplish both of these objectives by uniting with other patriot individuals and organizations so that our individual talents are ideally paired with those of others.

We also believe that in communities of commonly-principled individuals is found a synergism and hence an increased ability to promote what is good and defend against what is not good.  In that context, we realize that the governments of towns, counties, states, nations, and even of the world have the potential for either the promotion of liberty or for its destruction.  To the extent that these governments promote freedom, we support them; but to the extent that they encroach upon freedom, we are obliged to oppose them.

Free will, or free agency is absolutely necessary in the adoption or acceptance of the moral code by members of society when it comes to those individual's exercise of rights which do not infringe on the rights of others. Outside of protecting against or punishing for the infringement of rights, compulsion towards morality is itself immoral and leads to tyranny.

In short, we are for freedom.

In support of this mission statement,

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