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We the undersigned, oppose the wrongful conviction and sentencing of Domingo Figueroa.

There is a 38 year old Mexican American father of three (3) Domingo Figueroa in Bowling Green, Florida who is spending three (3) life sentences in prison for allegedly assisting in a murder. Although a jury found him guilty of murder, he was never proven guilty to any of it. In the plea of innocence, Domingo Figueroa was waiting in his vehicle after giving the co-defendant a ride to what was claimed to be the co-defendants friend. Domingo Figueroa merely drove the co-defendant to the house as a concerned person because he knew the co-defendant had been drinking and he didnt want him driving. This action caused him to be placed at the crime scene. He didnt know the victims and he had no motive. All accusations were based upon the testimony of the prosecution and the parents of the co-defendant, who was a convicted murder by the time Domingo Figueroas trial started. During the co-defendant and principal murderers trial, the prosecution stated that Domingos co-defendant was a ruthless, cold blooded killer and more than likely, Domingo Figueroa was merely along for the ride. The co-defendant, Bobby Raleigh confessed under oath that he shot and bludgeoned to death two (2) victims. Domingo Figueroa wasnt involved in any plans to murder anyone. I quote; He had nothing to do with it? Thats right. Also Domingo Figueroas fingerprints were not found on any of the weapons and there was no gun powder residue on his hands, which were tested multiple times by the police officers. The only thing Domingo Figueroa is guilty of is driving the co-defendant to the scene of where the crime took place, running to the door to see what happened when he heard gun fire thinking that Bobby Raleigh was being hurt and he is guilty of not telling the authorities. He never entered the dwelling and he never made any attempt to injure or kill anyone.

I believe the result is a horrible injustice especially because Bobby Raleigh, an alcoholic and person who was later found to have been on crack at the time of the murders was given the death penalty for the crimes committed and the prosecution admitted that Bobby Raleigh was the cold blooded killer and Domingo Figueroa was merely along for the ride. Prosecutor Elizabeth Blackburn used these tools to aid in the guilty verdict of Bobby Raleigh. However, when Domingo Figueroas trial came at a later date, she portrayed the same of Domingo Figueroa as she did for Bobby Raleigh. The prosecution wanted her cake and to eat it too.

Prior to the murders in 1994, Domingo Figueroa was a loving husband and father or three (3) children. He worked hard six (6) days a week as a mechanic to support his family. He is the oldest child and first born son of a loving mother and father. He is a brother to three (3) sisters and 1 brother and is very close to all of his family, aunts, uncles and cousins. He is a devout Catholic man and member of his local Church and has mentored troubled youth.

While the jury charged him guilty of multiple acts, they had no idea of the consequences that would impact the community and his family. The entire trial was a political propaganda that only expressed to the public and the community how young Mexican Americans are unjustly treated within the court systems of Volusia County.

I ask, how can a young man with no prior criminal record, a good community citizen, a father, and a loving Catholic husband get life without parole in prison for crimes that someone else confessed to doing?

He needs your help and support. His family needs your help and support. Please take a stand with us and help fight this injustice and cry Clemency, Freedom, Mercy and Justice for all. This is an opinion petition and as such can be signed by any person of any age living in any state or country. If you agree, please sign this petition and forward it to as many others as you know.

In our country, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Our dearly beloved has pleaded innocent and has provided legal representation to support. If a person is to be charged with a crime, isn't it supposed to be based on FACT and not speculation or suspicion? The true facts of this case are that Domingo Figueroa has been sentenced to life in prison for the acts committed and not PROVEN.

True FACT is that the co-defendant Bobby Raleigh got a ride from Domingo Figueroa and Domingo Figueroa had no idea what was going to happen.

2.) Fact: Mr. Figueroas finger prints were not on any weapons, no gun powder was found on his hands and he NEVER entered the dwelling where the crime was committed.

3.) Fact: Mr. Figueroa had no knowledge of what was going to take place and had no involvement in the murdering of the victims.

4.) Mr. Figueroa testified that he had no knowledge or planning of what took place.

5.) Mr. Raleigh while on trial and under oath testified that Mr. Figueroa had nothing to do with what he; also, Ms. Blackburn, the prosecuting attorney, told the jury in the trial of Bobby Raleigh that Mr. Figueroa was more than likely along for the ride and had nothing to do with what took place.

6.) Mr. Dixon was offered an unreasonable plea bargain of ten (10) years of which was rejected because Mr. Figueroa could not admit to a crime he did not commit. Especially after his co-defendant plead guilty.

7.) Mr. Figueroa never admitted to or testified to taking part in the crimes, he actually pleaded innocent to the crimes that they charged him with (that were the same as the other co-defendant, who was the principal and lead defendant and actual party who committed the crime.

8.) The co-defendant requested a change of location based upon media exposure (the co-defendant is white) and it was granted.

9) Mr. Figueroas attorney requested the same and was denied. (Mr. Figueroa is of Mexican decent)

10.) Mr. Figueroas Attorney was running for State Attorney while he represented the client and was campaigning for the same.

11) The entire trial was convicting and portraying Mr. Figueroa as if he actually committed the murders along with Mr. Raleigh.

Mr. Figueroa didn't know the two victims and never hurt anyone. Fact: We have a man who is a father to three beautiful children, a husband to one wife, a devoted Catholic Church member, and a devoted loving son, brother, and one whom the community loves very well. Even the jail guards, inmates and many friends, family and acquaintances currently state that; This young man has no business in jail and that it's wrong the way that they are treating him as a murderer." Now we have facts; please help support our love one and cry out with us Clemency, Mercy, and Justice. We are contacting the NAACP, Governor, Congress, and the Senate on this matter. We have spent over $100,000 in legal fees and we haven't given up hope, faith, or our quest for justice. If you ask any person who is not, biased, about whether or not Domingo Figueroa should receive a life sentence in prison, I guarantee you that they would say NO! For supporting fact, just look at the thousands of Volusia County signatures, as well as other signatures across the United States on the petition documents that will be filed. "If a man is innocent until proven guilty, then bring me some water and let me wash my hands because I don't want to be guilty of sentencing this innocent man?"


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    We all wish you luck brother, we pray that this frees you so you could spend time with your family. Careless district attorneys should be penalized for sending innocent people to prison. they should carry out the rest of the innocent persons sentence by d
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    innocent untill proven guilty
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    Mingo is a good, god fearing man and should be set free.
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    Free the homie!!
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    free the innocent
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    He should be released He wasn't proven guilty
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    Free Him
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    Free DIMONGO he has a family that miss him GIVE HIM HIS LIFE BACK
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    Free Him
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