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Dear Nobody In Particular, Because Square-Enix Won't Listen As Long As It's Making Money,

Fire Tetsuya Nomura. Do it now--do it today. Do, it, today. The following is a list of what sucks about Tetsuya Nomura.

- First of all, let's point out what he's best--and worst--at: his character designs. Nomura can draw, but only one face. Tidus = Meg Ryan = Chappu = Shuyin = Cloud = Lenne's Eyes = Yuna = Aeris. Rinoa = Tifa = Yuffie. Sora = BHK = The Bouncer Dude. Quistis = Parasite Eve Chick. There are many, many more examples. Nomura can't even decide on what race his characters are, Tidus being an example. He's Caucasian, Korean, and a bitter Japanese woman depending on what kind of cutscene it is.

- What about Nomura's characterization? Well, let's look at how well he enables characters to interact with each other; in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa and Aeris seemed six years old even though they were both twenty or above. They were apparently totally ignorant of the concept of sex, considering their responses you could have given them throughout the game--and there WAS no love triangle. Aeris and Tifa could have gotten into a catfight--even an ARGUMENT--but they were as fake and oblivious as the relationship in Final Fantasy VIII. Ah yes; Squall abruptly falls in love with Rinoa the moment she goes unconscious. Squall wasn't in love with Rinoa. Squall was in love with the fact that she finally shut the fuck up. Even when they did get together--with NO chemistry, I might add--Seifer, Rinoa's former boyfriend, had NOTHING TO SAY about she and Squall's relationship. He didn't even MENTION it; do you have any idea how much potential that plot device could have had? But it never arose. Nomura's a fucking moron and I want him fired.

- What about Nomura's storyline design? Well, let me tell you this: simplicity is genius. Complexity--needless complexity--is Chrono Cross. Everything that Nomura has created, with the exception of Final Fantasy X--not X-2--is needlessly complex. Why? Well, complexities hide a lack of real plot and meaning; they make a storyline SEEM like it's good when it's not. Aside from this, Nomura uses some ridiculous tactics to make his works seem good. For example, the I Look Like You, But Who Am I?! ploy. A Tidus lookalike appears!! Who ever could he be?! Tidus' father? His son? His TWIN? NO! He has ABSOLUTELY NO RELATION TO TIDUS, AND LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM FOR NO APPARENT REASON. A Sora lookalike appears! Who ever could he be?! Three Sephiroth lookalikes appear, who ever could they be?! A Squall lookalike appears, whoever could he be?! You see where I'm going with this? Nomura teases us with things that look interesting--yet are becoming incredibly repetitive, just like him--on the outside, but are NOTHING on the inside.

- My last point? Nomura is a liar. CONFESS, YOU LYING LIAR!! TELL US WHAT YOU KNOW, NOMURA!! He lied about the simultaneous release date of Advent Children, he lied about every release date since his advent, he misled us concerning Tidus/Shuyin in Final Fantasy X: Another Story--YET ANOTHER SIGN THAT HE HAS NO GRASP ON BOTH STORYLINE DESIGN AND GENERAL REALITY--and he ALWAYS lies about what effects sequels/spin-offs will have on their respective original games. He always claims that they'll answer old questions but bring about new ones, BUT THEY NEVER DO. EVER!! They do bring forth new questions, BUT THEY NEVER ANSWER OLD ONES. RRRAAAAAGGH I WANT TO EAT HIS FACE OFF.

- Nomura is ugly when he dyes his hair blonde. Make him stop.

Everyone in favor of having Tetsuya Nomura fired--and by that I mean set aflame until he stops being a retard--sign below.

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