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Dear Mindark, we are really happy to play in EU. We are happy that your/our game is growing well, we are happy for the new big investors in EU too, which this means that we can continue playing for a long time. But, if all this works well its because we are playing in EU. We think that you must thank us for this too. Considering this, its time to do something for us so we can have a better in game experience:

1) Inflation grew up since the first day of EU. But in the last year it was uncontrollable. In one side we have now big investors and more then 500000 players but the inflation doesnt go down instead it increases. In this equation there is something wrong. We ask you to take some mesures to control inflation. If you are not able to do so in the near future it will be impossible to continue to play this game. Just a small portion of peoples will be able to spend lots of money, the largest part of players will constrain to change game.

2) The progression of skills is so hard but like in all mmorpg the skills progression is central. Once it was really easy to gain skills in the game. At least we can upgrade until 2K, between 2k and 4k is hard, between 4k and 10 k its impossible, more then this its not considerable. Its not wrong to say that the players with more than 10K in this game are the old players. Good for them. But they play with the new players that have not the same chance to gain a bigger amount of skills, so at the end the second ones pay the loot for the the first ones. Or you change the skills progression until 10k or you create a EU2 where only the players active since 2-3 years can play, and they pay for his fun.

3) Monopolium. This is one of the worst facts that happened in EU. We have in one side a real cash economy and on the other side it looks like an anarchic cash economy. In each state the governments create laws against any concentration of power, industies, lands etc etc. Why is this? Because competition permits to have the better products at the better prices. In EU few players have the more rares BP. Few soc have all the lands areas. Some players controll directly or inderectly 2-3 until 4 land areas. In this there is not competition, the tax rate in these lands is the same, nothing is do to attract players in the lands (event is not real competition), because the land owners dont really compete. Our suggestion is to limit this at one land for avatar and max 2 lands for society. This permits new investors to buy lands and offer a real competition.

4) EULA. Each time we log the game we accept the EULA. This is a contract between players and MA. In one side the players must respect the EULA and on the other side MA must enforce the EULA. It is not tolerated that some rich players use/used for long time more avatars without problems (with a pubblic admission). It is not tolerated that some rich, well know for you, peoples use fap-bot. It is not tolerated for every honest player in this game. Bots are not permitted, more avatars are not permitted, autoclick is not permitted. This is the EULA statement. We must respect it. U must do something to obbligate people to respect it. Moreover we think it could be good to inflict a heavy ticket to every player that doesnt respect or doesnt respected the EULA statement.

5) Its been years that you been talking about adding police and cars. In this year we had more VU, more lands, malls, CND etc etc but nothing about your old promises. Now we want and we need police and cars. We need this to enjoy the game and not be scammed. We want this because you promise us this long time ago.

6) The game story of EU is pathetic. You tried to do this but its evident that youre not able to create a nice EU story. We suggest you to pay someone to write a nice story for the game. Unluckily Isaac Asimov is past away. Do you need some names? Frederik George Pohl, Serge Brussolo, Julian May, there are a lot of science fiction writers, we are sure someone can help you, if you pay for this.

7) 500000 players in EU. They are people that decide to spend a lot of time in your game. They are depositor too, rich and not rich. I think its time to let the voices to be heard and listen to there comments. Its time to create an Official Entropia Universe Forum. There are different forums around about EU. This is good. The information pluralism is always wellcome. But in a non official forum there is always the possibility that administators can use there power to have an in game advantage. This is not correct. It is necessary an official forum where players can interact directally with MA and viceversa.

8) The cities are empty, amethera is 50\% not available. Maybe its a good idea to improve that. Maybe is good to create different features for the different city to attract more people. When this planet will be completally full for sure you can build another one. Generally emigration starts when a place is empty in effect.

9) There are no prizes for original ideas. If someone has a good idea for EU and no money, maybe MA can consider the possibility to analyze and pay for this original idea that can permit to improve the game.

10) Loot. Your idea of rare item is against each logic. Rare is rare, is not never looted. Some items are missed since some years. This is not possible with 500k players that continually hunting. This must changes. Maybe u can insert new uber-items and increase the loot amount of the actual rare items. Maybe this can be a good compromise for all.

11) At the end we dont need a new space station, new asteroids, new PVP, new planets, we need a better Calypso planet, increase uber-loot amount, low inflation, realistic skill progression, respect of EULA, police, cars and maybe flyships, a new story and a Official forum. We need this as soon as possible.

Thank You

The Entropians:

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