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Enough is Enough of Mr. Steve Bucknor. We all appreciate his love towards Cricket and congratulate him on umpiring 100 tests. Achieving something is always should be proud off, but not at the cost of others. In spite of Steve's in-different behavior towards Indian cricketers and especially the world's best batsman Sachin Tendulkar, Steve is able to continue officiate a test match involving India. We are not sure what the heck our great ICC is doing? As usual they are busy ???? revenues.

In the current running Test match against Pakistan, SB (Steve Bucknor) has done it again. In spite of repeated requests for the loss of light, SB didn't care to oblige to one of the finest, honest and best players around, Great Don Sachin Tendulkar. Instead Sachin was given out brutally. Without proper light a young player was not able to see the ball then how come a person who is double the age notice the ball that too from a far distance? It is simple. When a batsman is finding difficult to see a nearing ball, how come an Umpire standing at least 22 feet away see the ball? This is ridiculous. It is time for SB to admit that retirement is the only choice. We do not want to hurt SB or his family's feelings. We also demand ICC to make sure that the Umpires are properly trained and avoid controversial umpires. Provide light meters to all the Umpires so that they dont look pathetic when they make these kinds of biased (mostly) or un-biased mistakes.

As players are punished for any hostile attitude, umpires should also be punished for their biased decisions. What are the reasons for the denial of Sachin's of bad light in the current on-going test match at Calcutta, India? Why was Sachin given out? Is that a genuine mistake by the Umpire or some kind of grudge against the world's best known gifted player?

Lets see some facts ( courtesy


Posted online: Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 0000 hours IST

KOLKATA, MARCH 18: Steve Bucknor, the umpire who has a history of confrontations with the Indian team, ensured that his 100th Test would not be forgotten easilyfor the wrong reasons. Today, Sachin Tendulkar walked back to the dressing room with tears in his eyes as Bucknor declared him out at 52 after his bat clearly missed the ball sent down by Abdul Razzaq and none of the Pakistanis, other than the bowler, appealed.

Sachin had tears in his eyes as he returned to the dressing room, a member of the Indian team said. He just couldnt express his shock at the decision. He was furious, he added.

A senior member of the team asked how it was possible for Bucknor to see the ball when the batsmen could not see it clearly. The thought of Bucknor umpiring an Indian game scared him, he added. I feel like I am against the worlds greatest bowler, when he is umpiring. I cant say a thing to protest, he added.

When told that India had won only four of the 17 Tests that he has umpired, he replied, Can it be a coincidence?

Since 1992, Bucknor has tormented the Indian team with his decisionsfrom the first post-Apartheid series against South Africa to the Pakistan series last year (see box). In Pakistan, he turned down several genuine appeals and gestured at wicket-keeper Parthiv Patel to keep quite in a manner which was humiliating.

Sachin Tendulkar, though, has been pulled aside for special treatment. One decision from an umpire can make a match. This is not about individuals; this is about winning or losing. It could be very costly for the team, the senior team member told The Indian Express.

At that time, the innings was well set and we were well set, he said. I dont mind losing but we must go down fighting, not like this. This is unfair.

What is intriguing is that most of the decisions are not even fifty-fifty. They just keep going against us. There is a pattern, he said. If I talk about it on the record, I will be in serious trouble with the ICC.

This cant go on. This is not a one-off (incident). This just goes on and on, said another player, expressing his disappointment at the helplessness that a player feels in times like these.

Most team members complained that a player has no power to complain against the decisions and even the captains report doesnt help much. The report is submitted after the match, by then it is all over. The fate of the match is decided by then, a player said


Steve Bucknor: Umpired in 17 India Tests, India has won four of them
1992-93: India vs South Africa, Johannesburg
With South Africa reeling at 73-5, Indians appeal for Jhonty Rhodes run-out. Bucknor refuses to take Third Umpires help. Replays show Rhodes, who went on to play a match-saving innings, was clearly short of the crease.
Result: Match drawn

1998-99: India vs Pakistan, Kolkata
Shoaib Akhtar obstructs Sachin Tendulkar as he fails to make it to the crease. Bucknor turns a blind eye and refers the matter to the TV umpire. As the red light flashes and Tendulkar walks to the dressing room, Eden erupts.
Result: Pakistan won

2003-04: India vs Australia, Brisbane
Tendulkar is given out lbw when the ball hit on a knee roll and the line was just outside the off-stump. The bowler was Jason Gillespie and India slips after a good start
Result: Match Drawn

2003-04: India vs Australia, Sydney
India is on the verge of history of a series win on the final day. Bucknor refuses a number of close leg-before decisions against the Aussies. India falls short of time. Skipper Sourav Ganguly in his post-series report to ICC gives Bucknor very poor ratings with adverse comments.
Result: Match drawn

2003-04: India vs Pakistan, Lahore
India is already on the backfoot in the series for the first time after an awful batting display. Five opportunities missed while bowling, four of them adjudicated by Bucknor. This forces Indian coach John Wright to complain to match-referee Ranjan Madugalle during the days play.
Result: India loses

Some articles:

A Comment by a cricket fan (courtesy
A word about Mr Steve Bucknor. Ever since he came to international level , he has been most unimpressive. Consider a batsman's position when a bowler appeals. By the time the batsman thinks , he is going to continue , Mr Bucknor wakes up and gives him out. Even if he doesnot give him out , the uncertainity and time taken by him to decide is enough to make a batsman nervous to goof up the next delivery. Such umpires should not be officiating beyond gully level cricket. The scoreboard at Brisbane should read :

Sachin Tendulkar lbw Steve Bucknor 0

ICC should fix up a time limit for umpires to make a decision when they are in the middle and not allow umpires like Bucknor to take their own sweet time. When the over rates are slow , the captain and the team are pulled up. Why not umpires like Mr Bucknor?
A comment from
The only jarring part of the day came at the start of the Indian innings, when the course of play was altered not by the players of either side, but by the incompetence of an umpire. Steve Bucknor was appalling during India's tour of Australia, and consistently so, through first the Tests and then the one-dayers. I had argued then that Bucknor's powers seem to have diminished with age for umpiring relies on physical faculties that only get worse as the years go by and that umpires should be regularly tested by the ICC to see if their abilities are still intact.

It is scandolous that despite the Indian team's complaints about him, based on an entire series and not a handful of stray understandable mistakes, the ICC has taken no action on this matter. John Wright, India's coach, reportedly complained to the match referee yesterday about the poor umpiring, and Bucknor gave India more reason for anguish today. After not upholding a number of good appeals during Pakistan's innings, he gave Aakash Chopra out lbw, after Chopra had inside-edged the ball. Given that Rahul Dravid was out immediately afterwards, run out without facing a ball, Bucknor's mistake had a huge impact on the game. It is unfair to Bucknor that his legacy as an umpire should be tarnished by his performance when he is clearly past the peak of his powers, and it is unfair on the players as well. (It is also unfair that he should be judged by technology that is available to everyone but him. Click here for a debate in Wisden Asia Cricket on the use of technology in umpiring.)

And many more....

Based on all these facts, we demand ICC to "RETIRE STEVE BUCKNOR" immediately.

A humble request to Steve Bucknor "Make good friends by retiring yourself" and save the future of brilliant cricketers.

We also demand BCCI to take up this demand of cricket fans with ICC .

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