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My name has appeared on your site or Google. How can I remove it?


Please contact the Staff of PetitionFree - Online Petition and ask them to remove your name from the petition. If someone has entered your name in a list or forum without your permission, please contact the sponsor of the petition and ask him to immediately remove you. PetitionFree - Online Petition can't absolutely exercise any control over the use of your name by third parties, however we will activate immediately in case of we recieve complaints. Please read the Terms of Use of PetitionFree - Online Petition. When your name has been removed of PetitionFree - Online Petition, please visit the list with the signatures to verify that indeed has been done. Although has been removed, however, Google will continue to index it. In fact, the process of updating the new data will require a few days. Your name will appear on Google for a few days until the search engine will not have completed the upgrade.