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How can I convince people to sign my petition?


Spread the petition by telling your friends. Telling to others is the primary weapon.
We also recommend you to increase the opportunities for discussion forums and group discussions.
In addition, send email to a considerable number of people you know are interested in petitions, or to people you believe that at least are interested. (But not send spam!).
We also invite you to use our bookmarking service that is on top of each petition.
Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are also a good window for your petition.
Petitions in social networks run very quickly between people who, as you, are interested in a topic, such as in groups.
To promote your petition is also a good practice to place links on other websites. Please note also that as many web sites will contain the link to your petition more web search engines will recognize it as an important page and more it will be visited. Therefore we recommend to put the link on as many sites as possible. A good way to spread it can also be to insert the link in databases as Wikipedia.org.
You should be looking for sites that have similar aspects to the subject of your petition. You will agree once you've identified them to send emails to their webmaster and probabily they will insert the link of your petition. You can also click on the Bookmark link found at the top of each petition and refer to other social networks, where you can promote your petition.