General Information

  1. Are online petitions useful?
  2. Why you should prefer an online petition to a paper instead?
  3. Can PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU be used for referendum proposals?
  4. How do I get more information about PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU?
  5. Tips on how to subscribe. For example, what it should be done if the system doesn't accept your email address or password you typed?

For signatories of a petition

  1. PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU apparently sent me an email, but I have not received it. Why?
  2. Is it guaranteed the confidentiality of my personal data?
  3. How do I know if the petition I've signed has been successful?
  4. How do I report when a petition violates the respect of the law for its content?
  5. How do I create a petition?
  6. What happened to my signature? I signed a petition, but I can't find it in the list of signatories.
  7. I signed a petition. My data and my personal information will be treated confidentially?
  8. My name has appeared on your site or Google. How can I remove it?
  9. Facebook and Twitter Statistics. Why Facebook users prefer to click "like" and not sign? What happened to the "like" of facebook?
  10. Can I hide my petition from public directories or Google? Can I make changes?
  11. Time zone. What time zone is used for dating the signatures?
  12. How can I close my account PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU? Closing the account.

For promoters of petitions

  1. How do I activate my membership once I decided to start a campaign?
  2. Is it free the creation of a petition?
  3. Do I need technical knowledge to create a petition?
  4. Can I import a petition on your site that was opened on another site?
  5. Can I choose the graphical style of my petition?
  6. Can I add multiple petitions?
  7. PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU will use the information and signatures I gathered, for other purposes?
  8. Can my petition be put in the "Featured Petition" or in evidence on the home page of PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU?
  9. How can I delete a petition?
  10. I've created a petition but I can't find it. Where is my petition?
  11. What is the best way to write a petition?
  12. How can I convince people to sign my petition?
  13. How do I put a link that points to PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU?
  14. Donations to PetitionFree - Petition Online - EU. How can I do a donation?