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Dear fellow MRS practitioners,

This petition is set up to voice the concerns of MRS professionals regarding the AIR's new minimum 150 per triennium CPD points requirement. Information on the new AIR CPD program can be found by going to the following internet link:

We invite you to sign this petition if you support our stance. Please also forward the petition link to other interested persons. The more support we have the more likely our voice will be heard. The intention is to send this petition to the AIR with the supporting letter below. For those that feel comfortable doing so please can we request you include your contact email and AIR membership number or AIR CPD program participation number to provide the AIR evidence that your support is real.


Dear Australian Institute of Radiography,

We, as members of the AIR, participants in the AIR CPD program and Medical Radiation Science (MRS) practitioners, would like to express our concerns regarding the new requirements for the AIR’s CPD program. We request the AIR reconsider the new 150 point per triennium target in favour of a more reasonable minimum points requirement.

As a community we consider CPD to be important and we support mandatory CPD for furthering our knowledge and maintaining current skills. We accept we are responsible for our own CPD and as dedicated professionals often perform the majority of CPD in our own time. In many disciplines of the Medical Radiation Sciences there is little alternative.

It is clear however there is a great deal of apprehension within the profession regarding the AIR increasing the minimum requirement for CPD points to 150 points per triennium in order to maintain membership of the AIR. We don’t agree with the simplistic view that if you aren’t attaining your full 150 CPD points per triennium you should “get out” of the profession. There needs to be a better comprehension of the demands on the workforce.

There was good participation in the previous AIR CPD program and it served to further the profession. We do not consider that because the previous CPD program had been in place for some time that change was needed nor that this is acceptable justification for increasing the CPD points requirement. There seems to have been very little stakeholder input in setting the minimum requirement at 150 points per triennium. We understand the AIR conducted a CPD survey in 2008. The stated 27% member response can not be considered representative data for such an important issue as increasing the mandatory CPD point requirement by 417%. While the AIR may argue that members had a chance to respond and provide feedback we feel that the poor return of survey data indicates that the importance of the survey was not well communicated by the AIR to its members. Given the survey was conducted three years ago information gained from the survey would now be obsolete.

It is important to consider the fine line between work life balance with every new obligation imposed on the MRS industry. There are now many more pressures and requirements that impact greatly on this work life divide and these need to be carefully considered when introducing more conditions on the profession. We all need time away from our working lives to recharge, enabling us to direct our energies into caring for patients and engaging fully in our everyday endeavours. With the new CPD requirements we feel we will be required to spend much more time away from work but invested in our work in order to maintain our CPD portfolios.

We see the new AIR CPD requirement as being onerous and it is becoming a divisive issue amongst AIR members. To obtain 150 CPD points per triennium many participants will need to document every learning opportunity. We acknowledge that many informal work interactions could constitute a loose form of learning and may be able to claimed these as CPD points. However we consider the need to document these working interactions in order to obtain our points as a meaningless and time consuming task. While we recognise the idealism the AIR is trying to achieve in promoting the Medical Radiation Sciences we do not believe it is realistic that the AIR expects its members to do this, particularly in the busy private diagnostic radiology setting. We also do not believe it will improve the quality of our professional development and may in fact make us focus on learning which is irrelevant because it is an easy way of getting our CPD points. Is the AIR is implying a level of distrust in its members that they are not learning correctly? It is not something we have observed in our workplaces.

Some of the examples the AIR has provided on how to obtain CPD points, such as interacting with your children at home constituting CPD if you are a paediatric radiographer, is tenuous at best. It seems that the AIR is trying to invent ways for members to claim CPD in order to obtain their minimum points requirements but for what purpose? Is it no more than an exercise to demonstrate to other professional bodies and government regulators that we are worthwhile?

We consider it not practical that the AIR has aligned the minimum CPD points requirement at the uppermost level with other high end professions, such as medical practitioners. We should not be seen to be playing a game of ones upmanship. Rather we request the AIR consider what is in the best interest of the profession. We have the feeling the AIR is loosing sight of what we consider to be the real purpose of CPD so they can demonstrate that their members are obtaining as many CPD points as possible.

We urge the AIR to re-engage with its members to develop a more realistic and meaningful CPD points target. We are aware that many of our colleagues are feeling overwhelmed and alienated by the new CPD points requirement and are questioning the need to remain AIR members.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned members of the AIR and participants in the AIR CPD program

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