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Legalise Rabbits in Queensland

After much research, debates, and discussion on the rabbit ban in Queensland,  I see no legitimate reason for the ban on domesticated house rabbits in QLD. There seems to be no exact answer to why they where banned in the first place. But I think it’s time to change this outdated law. QLD has a very limited wild rabbit population. with the majority of wild rabbits living in rural areas such as Granite Belt south-west;  and a moderate population living in places such as Maranoa, southern Warrego and north Burnett, and on Atherton Tableland and south-west and north-west Darling Downs; given the limited population of wild rabbits in QLD and the extreme unlikelihood of a domesticated rabbit being able to last in the wild in Queensland, the threat of them having the ability or desire to colonise and reproduce with wild rabbits is nearly impossible. However there are several ways to keep the Bunny population under control, making the Rabbit loving community and  concerned Agriculturist/environmentalists happy. 1 ensuring all rabbits kept as pets are Desexed this can be managed by making sure any rabbits sold through rescues or breeders outside of QLD that are being brought into the state come pre Desexed, any rabbit rescues or breeders operating in QLD must be registered and agree to ensure all animals they sell will either be Desexed before adoption or when they are old enough. Another measure that could be taken to weed out any potential irresponsible rabbit owners is to ensure rabbits are only sold through responsible registered breeders and rescues. Not allowing them to be advertised on sites such as Gumtree and sold in pet stores will be an excellent step to ensuring rabbits only end up in the hands of responsible law abiding owners. The next option is making it compulsory for every house rabbit to be registered. This could be managed by having people fill out a form with their contact details and having the breeders and rescues provide the information to local council to put into a data base to ensure each rabbit at each address is registered. This also has the potential to create new jobs for people. Another effective way to keep the rabbit population from expanding drastically and an even better way of keeping track of the domestic rabbit population. is making it mandatory for everyone who wishes to adopt or buy a rabbit to have a permit. Which allows them to own a certain amount of rabbits. This could be managed in a similar way to the current Reptile and bird licensing laws that are in place in QLD. Each rabbit that is at a persons residence needs to be on the permit and a movement advice is needed when change of address or ownership of the rabbit takes place. This also has the potential to open up new jobs for people. Last option is microchipping. This will obviously have similar benefits to microchipping cats and dogs. Should any rabbits get loose from their homes when found they can be scanned for a microchip, and quickly reunited with their owners. This would obviously already be done by rescues, and made compulsory for all people buying rabbits off breeders. I feel I have written a detailed plan on how we can own rabbits in a safe and controlled way, that I believe will have a very positive impact on the Queensland community. Even if not everyone follows the rules which is obviously a concern from the Queensland government. I believe the plan I have written would make it extremely difficult for people to acquire Domesticated rabbits without following the rules. But if they were still able to domesticated rabbits would have an extremely difficult time surviving in the wild in Queensland, the threat of predators and environmental factors such as extreme heat would almost make it impossible for any domesticated rabbit to survive in the wild. Not to mention a domesticated rabbit is almost always distinguishable from their wild relatives so it would be almost certain that they would die or be caught before they could cause any potential issues. Domesticated rabbits also pose very little threat to our wildlife. Less then commonly kept pets such as cats and dogs. Due to them being prey animals they have no desire to hunt or kill any wildlife. As stated above a domesticated rabbit is more at risk of being injured or killed by a predator then they are likely to cause risk to our wildlife. They also make wonderful pets and will make amazing therapy animals and overall bring joy to many Queenslanders deprived of bunny love for all these years. I also strongly believe that the majority of bunny lovers will be so relieved with the new laws they will be more then happy to cooperate. There is also a decent amount of unwanted rabbits in rescues throughout Australia lifting the ban will give homes to these unwanted buns. It will also prevent people from having to part ways with their beloved pet should they have to relocate to Queensland. Or risk taking them with them. There is also a decent amount of people already taking the risk and bringing rabbits into QLD. I genuinely believe that if the Queensland government puts these rules in place there is no reason Queenslanders shouldn’t be able to experience the joys of rabbit ownership

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